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Digital Ray Path® Technology

Digital Ray Path® is state of the art lens design technology based on a complete eye to lens system simulation, taking into account the real lens position in respect to the eye to optimise the lens in every gaze direction, minimizing oblique aberrations.


  • Wider fields of view.
    Reduced areas of blur result in wider fields of view for wearers. 
  • Precise and comfortable vision.
    For all working distances and any direction of gaze making Digital Ray-Path technology ideal for everyday wear and for viewing electronic devices. 
  • A more consistent wearer experience.
    Perceived power distributions remain stable, regardless of Rx or base curve. This is especially beneficial for patients with high prescriptions or large or wrapped frames.  
  • Near elimination of peripheral blur.


Steady Lens Methodology

Steady Lens Methodology carefully controls the mean power (spherical equivalent) of progressive lenses, dramatically reducing unnecessary mean power in the periphery, especially on both sides of the fitting cross. This delivers a lens that provides better image stability and superior comfort.


  • Higher image stability for reduced swim effect.
  • Improves peripheral visual acuity in the distance.


Camber Technology

Camber technology combines a variable base curve with a sophisticated back-side digital design that work together to provide the wearer with an unbeatable visual experience. Creating wider reading zones, improved peripheral vision, an extended power range, a more aesthetically pleasing lens and unbeatable near vision performance.


  • Better vision in all zones (compared to spherical lenses).
  • Improved reading area. More spacious, easier to find.
  • Easier adaptation. Studies show faster adaptation for most wearers.
  • Thinner lenses